To change pupil lives for the better

Synergy pupils will learn, grow and succeed:

  • By accessing a broad balanced curriculum, rich in opportunities
  • By passionate, enthusiastic and well-qualified staff, facilitating their learning
  • Through focused and skilled pastoral and well-being support
  • Through character education to empower the citizens and leaders of the future
  • Through inclusive practice

Synergy schools will:

  • Be safe
  • Be inclusive and welcoming environments serving the local community
  • Have the autonomy to be an individual
  • Have timely access to impactful support
  • Learn through collaboration with each other

Synergy staff will:

  • Be supported to fulfil their job role effectively
  • Work in a culture where their learning is valued as much as the pupils' learning
  • Experience the benefits of working in a caring supportive Multi Academy Trust
  • Have an unerring focus on improving the quality of education they provide

At Synergy we want to harness the power of diversity in inclusive environments. To drive innovation to achieve the very best for our pupils. Empower individuality, yet work collaboratively to provide honest, respectful education settings where all our pupils can thrive.