The Trust governance structure is made up of members, trustees and local governing boards. Within this structure we have a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience across the education landscape. The responsibilities of the Trust are governed by the Articles of Association and schemes of delegation, which outline the devolved responsibilities of the Trustees and Local Governing Board. 


All multi academy trusts must have 3 or more members.  Members are essential to the integrity of an academy trust governance structure.  Members can amend the Articles of Association,  appoint and remove some trustees, appoint and remove auditors and receive the annual accounts. 


Trustees are responsible for the strategic direction, policy framework and oversight of the Trust and all its academies. They are both charity trustees and company directors. 

The trustees;

  • Set the strategic direction for the Trust
  • Hold senior leadership to account
  • Oversee the Trust’s financial performance 

They represent the views of the Trust as a whole and are not aligned with one specific school in the Trust. 

Local Governing Boards

Local Governing Boards form a bridge between the Trust Board and its schools and are integral to the good governance of the Trust. They are responsible for:

  • Monitoring safeguarding practice
  • Ensuring pupils with special educational needs and disabilities get the support they need
  • Monitoring school performance
  • Engaging with the local community

Scheme of Delegation

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